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The mission of the College of Engineering is to offer an environment where education and research can complement and enhance one another. We attempt to provide the highest quality of education by constantly improving course curricula, cultivating creative thinking, and enhancing international vision.



        1.  To educate students with engineering, management, and systematic integration.

2.  To develop engineers who are capable of solving real-world problems independently.

3.  To develop engineering-related fields and produce outstanding engineers and researchers who can tackle the demands of national infrastructure and technology advancement.

4.  To train individuals who are able to incorporate theories and practices in order to engage in the related research and development.

5.  To foster prosperity based on the vision and the needs of the industries we work with.

6.  To focus on lifelong learning and social issues.


1.     Fabrication and measurement techniques for micro- and nano-electro-mechanical systems.

2.     Intelligence control and automation systems.

3.     Photovoltaic and LED engineering techniques.

4.     Fermentation and cultivation techniques for high-class fungi.

5.     Certification and safety evaluation for health-care products.

6.     Bionics technology and creativity techniques.

7.     The research and development of advanced vehicles and new energy.

8.     The research and development of advanced communication and systematic chip techniques.

9.     The research and development of cloud computing techniques.

10.   The development of smart grid systems.

11.   The development of specific and healthy mushroom spawn, genetic engineering, and improvement techniques of mushroom spawn.

12.   The development of smart lightweight transporters.

13.   The applications of digital signal processing, biomedical engineering and image processing.

14.   The applications of nanotube, opto-transistor, and magnetic recording materials.

15.   Develop equipment for the green energy industry.

16.   Major technique development for medical treatment devices.

        17.   Major technique development for feature robotics.